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Grausame Töchter

"Engel Im Rausch (Limited Edition)"


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Release: October 2018
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Grausame Töchter - Engel Im Rausch (Limited Edition) 2CD

On ”Engel im Rausch" you get drawn into a story about an intoxicated night, in which you get seduced by singer Aranea Peel (on the opening track Engel im Rausch), and where you find yourself waking up the next morning to bright sunrays, with the last song ”Helle Sonne”.

The other songs therebetween narrate aspects from an ecstatic and at times psychedelic night, always leaving it open, whether the various metaphors - mostly dealing with heaven and the universe – are to stand for Love, Drugs, Sex… or something completely different?

With many lyrics, it only ...
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1.- Engel Im Rausch
2.- Wildes Tier
3.- Engel Im Himmel
4.- Goldener Reiter
5.- Annika In Ekstase
6.- ...und Ich Fühle Nichts
7.- Atme Mich
8.- Fickmaschine
9.- Rosemarie
10.- Lila Katzen
11.- Sternenmädchen
12.- Beleidigte Engel 2020
13.- In Deinem Kopf
14.- Wie Eine Zecke
15.- Sex In Deutschland
16.- Nein!
17.- Wodka-Polka
18.- Helle Sonne
19.Engel Im Rausch Gregcore Remix
20.Engel Im Himmel Lust And Death Remix
21.Drecksau Centhron Remix
22.Wildes Tier Suicide Commando Remix
23.Mein Messer Mechanical Moth Remix
24.Therapie Für Dich Devil-M Mix
25.Bis Das Blut Fließt Unterschicht Remix
26.Freundin Zyphos-Remix
27.Verlassen Barabaz-Remix
28.Ficken Ist Ein.... Xaytox - Hardcore Remix
29.Solipsismus Pablo-Ortega-Remix
30.Befleckt Shizophreniac-Mix
31.Befleckt Shizophreniac Remix
32.Wildes Tier And One Remix