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Grausame Töchter



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Release: April 2021
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Grausame Töchter - Zyklus CD

Art can be neither broad nor artificial - it has to be authentic, real and unrestrained.Grausame Töchter exists because we had to unload our bursting emotions. Like the animals follow their instincts, we are driven into a wild rush that we celebrate hedonistically , away from band stereotypes. Desire for sadomasochism, nightmare and surrealism; we lust after dance and seduction; after performances, concerts and videos. We want to entice you to reveal your dark secrets and make you accept them. Kiss the devil inside you.We guarantee you, that every single one of our songs contains tone sequences, chords and rhythms that aren't used anywhere else. Every song is based on a very unique idea - however short the text may be. Grausame Töchter polarizes - and with pleasure.Someone who only looks for familiar patterns won't find them and will remain unsatisfied; while those who venture into the dark and unknown will find that something happens to themselves - who knows what that might be, but something will happen.Go into the frosty light, feel the lonely cold and the round of repetition - or come into the warm darkness and let yourself be touched, felt, kissed.We are women who sing, play musical instruments, dance and perform. Even though we studied other genres, we eventually broke loose to live out our limitless passion.Ever since, we call ourselves Grausame Töchter.In 2021, our sixth album titled "Zyklus" will release, taking a dark, dystopic, sexual, sarcastic and grotty look at humanity. Are we pessimistic? Yeah, of course! Are we depressive? Never!"Zyklus" is joyful pessimism!

The sixth album by GRAUSAME ...
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1.Alpha 3.07
2.Wilde Wölfe 4.30
3.Alles Kaputt! 4.35
4.Annika Nimmt Drogen 4.07
5.Peng! Peng! ...tot! 5.17
6.Respekt Und Sex 5.35
7.Klinik 4.54
8.Zyklus 4.21
9.Sarkastische Katzen 4.42
10.Laber Laber 4.48
11.Wie Ein Hamster 3.49
12.Messer An Die Kehle 3.57
13.Fickstück 4.51
14.Süchtig Nach Ewigkeit (Rhumba) 4.48
15.Omega 2.38