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"Ascending The Abyss"


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Release: 2019
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Grendel - Ascending The Abyss CD

After the release of the last studio album „Age Of The Disposable Body“ (CD, Vinyl & Digital) and the re-release of their harsh electro masterpiece „Inhumane Amusement“ (2CD / Digital, incl. bonus tracks) the production wheels with „Grendel“ never really stood still. This month „JD Tucker“ returns with his sixth full-length under the title „Ascending the Abyss“. „Grendel“ have improved, music and production wise and deliver a new album which is state of the art in modern electronic music. The album is less rough, skipped distorted vocals and continues the path „Age Of The Disposable Body“ started. But „Grendel“ also did not lose any of his club appeal and  catchiness while „Ascending The Abyss“ is truly an impressive electronic album and surely one of his strongest artistic release by „Gredel" to date.The album was mixed and mastered by Kojla Trelle (Soman) and holds many future club hits such as „Caught In The Middle“, „Cloak & Dagger“, „Fire & Light“ or „Glass Under Feet“. 
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1.Ascension (Intro)
2.Brace The Storm
3.Caught In The Middle
4.Cloak & Dagger
5.Bitter Tide
6.Fire & Light
7.Glass Under Feet
9.Falling Back
10.Northern Line