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"Prescription:Medicide (Redux)"


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Release: 2016
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Grendel - Prescription:Medicide (Redux) CD

„Prescription:Medicide“ with no doubt has become one of the most relevant releases in the young history of „Grendel“. The 2004 released and long deleted album was a milestone in the history of „harsh electro“ and started a whole new genre in electronic music. In 2016 "Infacted Recordings" re-releases this masterpiece in digital remastered format with bonus tracks and all new cover artwork for which we could get no one else then Axel Torvenius to create the new sleeve design. Furthermore the album holds some nice remixes by establish scene acts such as Infekktion, Ah Cama-Sotz or Tactical Sekt. A true must have for all followers of the „harsh generation“ not to be missed in every collection!
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1.Construct Constriction
3.Guilt By Association
4.Pax Psychosis
6.Prescription : Medicide
7.Social Distortion
8.Fatal Flaws
9.Rotting Garden
11.Rotting Garden (Infekktion Remix)
12.Fatal Flaws (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix)
13.Pax Psychosis (Tactical Sekt Remix)
14.Crucify (Urkom Remix)
15.No Way Out