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"Timewave Zero (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
Grendel - Timewave Zero (Limited Edition) 2CD

After their massive album release "Harsh Generation" and the current e.p. "Chemicals & Circuitry" netherlands based Grendel return with their studio album "Timewave Zero"! Grendel are back with another milestone in the electro scene showing that they are one of europes finest!
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InfraRot item number:2010.756
Label's catalogue number:FACT 3206
2.Conflict Instigation
3.Timewave Zero
5.Wheels In Motion
6.Out Of My Mind
7.Deep Waters
8.Neon City Nights
9.Chemicals And Vircuitry (V. 2012)
11.Conflict Instigation (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
12.Conflict Instigation (Siva Six Remix)
13.Conflict Instigation (Terrolokaust Remix)
14.Timewave Zero (Shiv-R Remix)
15.Timewave Zero (Modulate Remix)
16.Timewave Zero (C-Lekktor Remix)
17.Out Of My Mind (Vindicare Remix)
18.Out Of My Mind (Freakangel Remix)
19.Out Of My Mind (XP8 Remix)
20.EPR // EDP (Manufactura Remix)
21.EPR // EDP (DYM Remix)
22.Deep Waters (Aqualite Remix)
23.Deep Waters (Consumer Junk Remix)
24.Wheels In Motion (AR-12 Remix)
25.Wheels In Motion (Symbiote Remix)