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"Wir Müssen Reden"


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Release: 2019
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Groovenom - Wir Müssen Reden CD

„We have to talk“ - that sounds like expression, like change and serious business. Because GROOVENOM grew up and discovered a melancholy that they turn into a broader frame musically and deep-thought lyrics in german.

Where „Pink Lion“ and „Modern Death Pop“ represent moments in a development, „Wir müssen reden“ shows a grown-up band. Musically the core is still electronic Deathcore, catchy and melodic, but more emotional and serious. Industrial Metal influenced by EBM and Synthwave is the musical basis for a lyrical concept about the loss of the ability to communicate. Especially singer Mr. Sanz made a huge step in his variety and links emotional clean singing parts with angry shouts. „Wir müssen reden“ is a field of force inviting the listener to dive in and overcome tribulations, find new strength and work of steam.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Alter Freund
3.Unter Deiner Haut
6.Du Und Ich
7.Lass Mich Los
8.Nimm Mich
9.Mein Herz Ist Frei
10.Nach Hause
12.Wir Müssen Reden