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Release: 2015
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Gunmaker - Headmaker CD

2 years ago most famous hungarian proyects Impact Pulse and Nothing Nada were disbanded, both members went on separate ways, one of them created his own proyect named Gunmaker. Basic idea was to include guitar sounds in music, creating light industrial crossover with female vocals.Third member is also not new - János played on stage as live-member of passed Impact Pulse.Tracks were mastered by Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil / Zombie Girl, etc
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1.Love Me- 03-28
2.No Chance- 03-17
3.Night- 03-27
4.Superstar- 02-43
5.I'm The One- 02-41
6.About You- 03-18
7.Shiny Stars- 04-28
8.Easy- 03-47
9.No Chance People Theatre Remix- 04-56
10.Love Me Rob Dust Remix- 05-31
11.No Chance Dolls Of Pain's Nicht Unterkriegen Mix- 05-36
12.No Chance Remixed By Sixty64Four- 05-23
13.No Chance Terminal State Remix- 04-43