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Hafler Trio / Autechre


7LP · Box

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Release: June 2023
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 weeks
Hafler Trio / Autechre - s/t 7LP

what were they? oh, sit down here, and I'll tell you. long, long ago, there were pieces of shiny matter which issued forth in an erratic manner over many aeons. and what is this? why, it's a box. and what's in the box? well, those small shiny things are now larger shiny black things. and what use are they? well, none, but you can get sounds out of them, if you treat them nicely. really? yes, really. the miracles of modern science.

all (yes, all) of the Autechre/Hafler Trio collaborations topped and tailed and groomed and lacquered and fizzed and popped onto 7 Long-Playing Stereo Microgroove Records, in a box, for purchase, by you. or someone you don't know. either is a reasonable situation.

Lp01. æ³o / h³æLp02. æo³Lp03 ³hæLp04/5 5ah³eo Lp06/7 ha³oe
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