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"FIERCE (Limited Magenta with Black Marbling)"


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Release: December 2019
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Hante - FIERCE (Limited Magenta with Black Marbling) LP

Limited Transparent Magenta with Black Marbling 12" vinyl editionDownload code included + insert with all the lyrics
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1.Tomorrow Is A New Day 04:41
2.Wild Animal 05:05 Video
3.Unknown (Feat. Sólveig Matthildur) 04:31
4.Serre-Moi Encore 04:01 Video
5.Nobody's Watching (Feat. Marble Slave & Fragrance.) 04:53
6.Waiting For A Hurricane 04:29
7.Respect 03:40
8.No Tenderness (Feat. Ætervader) 04:11
9.Silence The Voices 04:20
10.The Moon Song (Feat. Box Von Düe) 04:09
11.Never Over 03:40