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"Exile (Limited WHITE Vinyl)"


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Release: 2021-09-03
Status: New release in 74 days
Hapax - Exile (Limited WHITE Vinyl) LP

Limited Edition of 350 copies on WHITE Vinyl.

“Exile” is a work conceived during the quarantine age and inspired by the desire to escape from the claustrophobic lockdown’s reality. Isolation leads one to reconsider oneself as an individual. On the other hand art has paid the highest price by being neglected and set aside. “Culture only exists when it is experienced”. The “Exile” mini-album features 6 ALL NEW recordings for HAPAX, including “Silver Track”, that was released in early May as a digital single.
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Label:swiss dark nights
1.A1 Silvery Track
2.A2 Exile
3.A3 The Unfaithful One
4.B1 A Different Blue
5.B2 Concrete Hives
6.B3 Dust