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Harvest Rain

"Gentile Peasantry"


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Release: 2013
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Harvest Rain - Gentile Peasantry CD

This album, limited to 333 copies, is the Sister album to Harvest Rain 'Blood Hymns'. It also contains the original members of Harvest Rain. The songs were recorded during the same Yuletide - Winter Solstice Sessions as the tracks on 'Blood Hymns'. Project leader Jason on this album: "This album was in fact the original album that I had released under the moniker of 'Cain River' instead of Harvest Rain. It was myfirst attempt at playing Harvest Rain with electric guitars, drums and record what one could call a 'rock' or 'dark wave' album instead of being strictly limited to dark folk. The album is inspired by Miguel Serrano just as Blood Hymns was and is. The extra tracks were recorded mostly during the same sessions, but kept off of any albums."

Harvest Rain is the musical project of Jason Thompkins. Members include Axel Frank of the German neofolk groupWerkraum and also Jamey Thompkins, Jason's younger brother. They are one of the most respected US dark folk acts.
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Label:Rage In Eden
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1.Pillars Of Ice
2.A Gentile Man
3.Iron Flowers
5.Coat Of Arms
6.Red River Tide
8.Limbs And Wind
9.Blue Ice
10.An Empty House
11.Bringing In The Sheaves
12.The Grip Of Nightfall