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"Hatebreed (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2009
Status: Ready to be shipped in 3-4 weeks
Hatebreed - Hatebreed (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

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InfraRot item number:2004.968
1.Become The Fuse (Explicit)
2.Not My Master (Explicit)
3.Between Hell And A Heartbeat (Explicit)
4.In Ashes They Shall Reap (Explicit)
5.Hands Of A Dying Man (Explicit)
6.Everyone Bleeds Now (Explicit)
7.No Halos For The Heartless (Explicit)
8.Through The Thorns (Explicit)
9.Every Lasting Scar (Explicit)
10.As Damaged As Me (Explicit)
11.Words Became Untruth (Explicit)
12.Undiminished (Explicit)
13.Merciless Tide (Explicit)
14.Pollution Of The Soul (Explicit)
15.Never Let It Die (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
16.Thirsty And Miserable (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
17.Hollow Ground (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
18.Live For This (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
19.Empty Promises (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
20.As Diehard As They Come (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
21.To The Threshold (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
22.I Will Be Heard (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
23.Destroy Everything (At Download Festival '09) [Live]
24.This Is Now (At Wacken Open Air Festival '08) [Live]
25.The Most Truth (At Wacken Open Air Festival '08) [Live]
26.Beholder Of Justice (At Wacken Open Air Festival '08) [Live]
27.Defeatist (At Wacken Open Air Festival '08) [Live]