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"Mater Dolorosa"


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Release: 2017
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Hautville - Mater Dolorosa CD

Mater Dolorosa is the brand new album by the Italian Neofolk/progressive Folk-act HAUTVILLE, that already looks back on two albums on HauRuck SPQR! The new 8-songs album blends the neo-folk genre with progressive-folk elements in orchestral arrangements, recorded thanks to the help of numerous guests: Rebecca Dallolio on violin, Arturo Stàlteri (from Pierrot Lunaire) on piano, William Matteuzzi on tenor [vocal], Daniela Caschetto on cello and Giulio Amico Padula on trumpet. Hautville is a folk project conceived in 2006 by Leonardo Lonigro (guitar) and Francesco Dinnella (keyboards), who had already played together in some progressive rock bands. Simona Bonavita, vocals, later joined the project. The mainly acoustic project puts together European neofolk elements with Italian progressive style. The lyrics are about traditional doctrines and folk traditions, that are looked upon as a coffer of ancient knowledges.
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1.Dis Pater
3.Pietà E Costanza
4.Le Ombre
5.Mater Dolorosa
6.La Sposa
7.Per Non Sentire Niente
8.Il Castello