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"Tanz (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2019
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Heimataerde - Tanz (Limited Edition) MCD

Heimataerde set a very sinister narrative against the ornithological middle ages of the fairs: in their Middle Ages of the Crusades, a pantheon of assassins, jihadists and fanatics marching on every imaginable crime that seems to them useful for their purposes. At the center of this insanity is the grale-like promise of the home earth - a refuge for all who need it. With TANZ Heimataerde open a new chapter in the development of their genre of medieval electro. As usual extensive and sharpened in the sound, the single is an independent fore- runner of the album EIGENGRAB, which is currently in final production. With three very different edits - studio, club mix and a pounding EBM version - Heimataerde demarcate the genres and let dance on all channels. A brand new mixed version of the classic "Why worth the suffering" brings the distinctive voice of the guest singer ASP to the ears.
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2.Tanz (Club Edit)
3.Warum Das Leiden Lohnt (Feat. Asp)
4.Tanz (Ebm Edit)