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Release: 2010
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Heimataerde - Unwesen CD

Envisioned by DJ Ash, Heimataerde merges electronic dancefloor beats and soft, often archaically instrumented melodies. The album 'Unwesen' is state of the art harsh EBM/industrial with beats designed to take the underground dance floors by storm.

While musically Heimataerde is much in the vein of legendary dark EBM acts like older Wumpscut and Suicide Commando, the music does have its own unique identity, and a modern, up to date sound. After the succesors 'Dark Dance' and 'Malitia Angelica' the band returns with a massive new chapert of the Heimataerde story. Don´t miss this outstanding release which is unique and never before seen in our dark scene, a MUST!
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3159
3.Niemals Mehr
4.Gloria Et Morte
5.Dark Dance
6.Der Erste
7.Des Spielmanns Lied
9.Maarat An Numan
10.Wie Ein Tier
11.Die Buerde
13.Malitia Angelica
14.Psalm 115