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"Die Welt Der Dunklen Gärten"


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Release: 2011
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Hekate - Die Welt Der Dunklen Gärten CD

Hekate have been working even longer on this album than Sol Invictus, but the follow-up to 2004's 'Goddess' is now finally going to be released on June 10th under the title of 'Die Welt der dunklen Gärten' (engl.: 'The World of Dark/Cryptic Gardens'). On their fifth studio album to date, the group - which ranks among the pioneers of the German Neofolk scene - looks back to the mystical root s of their earlier works and forges a bridge from Classical elements and Oriental rhythms to melancholic Folk.

Nearly seven (!) years after ...
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Label's catalogue number:AB 025
1.Byronic Hero
2.Jardin D' Anaïs
3.In My Garden
6.Die Dunkle Wolke
7.Per Aspera Ad Astra
8.Idi Lia Dubb
9.Oh Du Welt Der Dunklen Gärten
10.Opportunity Of Time
11.The Present Day
12.Die Blaue Blume
13.House Of God