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Helalyn Flowers

"Nyctophilia (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2018
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Helalyn Flowers - Nyctophilia (Limited Edition) 2CD

Dear angels of the night, if like us you feel like belonging in the dark and feel so misunderstood by those people around you who find you sad, strange and even dangerous when they see you aimlessly wandering off late at night. We invite you embracing the Empyrean of darkness through HELALYN FLOWERS’ 5th studio album. The ultimate result of long creative night sessions in the band’s own studio in Roma - Italy.

With “Nyctophilia”, Maxx and Noemi ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
2.Unleash The Wolves
3.Kamikaze Angel
4.Let Me In
6.Run Away (With My Demons)
8.When It Is Not Black Enough
11.Tetrachromatic (Blue Hour Mix)
12.Kamikaze Angel (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Mix)
13.Kamikaze Angel (In Black Lights Rmx)
14.Beyond (Feat. Imjudas)
15.Kamikaze Angel (Alien:nation Rmx)
16.Kamikaze Angel (People Theatre’S Electricity Mix)
17.Nyctophilia (Club Mix)
18.Kamikaze Angel (Lis Van Den Akker & Jen  Ascending Rock Rmx)
19.Kamikaze Angel (Wasserkraft Manifest Rmx)
20.Let Me In (Deep Reality Mix)
21.Kamikaze Angel (Digital Shadows Rmx)
22.Kamikaze Angel (Acid Fairy Rmx)