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Release: 2011
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Henke - Seelenfütterung CD

On April 18th, Henke's long-awaited album debut 'Seelenfütterung' (loosely translated 'Soul Feeding') will finally see the light of day.

Starting with the opener 'Weil ich es kann', one immediately recognizes that Henke have their very own musical way of looking at things. They are feeding the souls of their listeners with 13 tracks while sounding very modern and surprisingly different at the same time. Cunningly, the band weaves a diversity of musical styles and genres into their compositions and embeds the lyrics of Oswald Henke into a fitting musical base. Each and every track sounds different, yet all of them together merge into an acoustic meal of 13 courses providing perfect aural delight.

With their first full-length album 'Seelenfütterung', Henke deliver a true statement in sound and meaning. Skilfully produced right to the point, one can completely ingest the music, or let it flow through the daily routine all the same. Everything is possible.
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1.Weil Ich Es Kann
2.Es Ist Nacht
3.Wer Mich Liebt
4.Uhren Essen
5.Ohne Titel
8.Ich Protestiere
9.Manisch Aggressiv
10.Vom A Zum F
11.An Jedem Haar