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"Vom A Zum F"


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Release: 2011
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Henke - Vom A Zum F MCD

Simply Henke - that's what the band around Oswald Henke (mastermind of former Goethes Erben) is called. Never fearing risks or new challenges, he explores new grounds and crosses the bridge to the present day. This is a first taster from the first album 'Seelenfütterung' - Apart of 3 new songs and a remix, it includes the Goethes Erben classic 'Spuren im Schnee' and introduces the listener to fresh and unexpected sounds with a huge emotional bandwidth that will for sure appeal to fans of the more alternative-driven musical styles. The follow-up to Germany's leading lyrical Goth act Goethes Erben after 6 years of waiting!
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1.Vom A Zum F
4.Spuren Im Schnee
5.Vom A Zum F (Filmix)