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Henric De La Cour

"The Movie"


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Release: 2014
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Henric De La Cour - The Movie DVD

Format: DVD in Digipak (Region 0 / Worldwide / ALL / PAL & NTSC) ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Main movie: 58 minutes. Bonus-material (Videoclips): approx 20 minutes

”I´ve always had the attitude that my music should sound more like a funeral than a birthday party”Henric de la Cour

Henric de la Cour´s dark and expressive music is not just about show or subculture. Diagnosed since Childhood with cystic fibrosis de la Cour´s lyrics and attitude to life is colored by the incurable and serious disease.

The film follows the musician and the singer´s reflections on a disease he had tried to hide for a long time. The film is about confronting your own mortality and making the most of it, the creative process as a desire to expel darkness with darkness, and about music as a for of personal survival.

This movie was filmed over four years by Jacob Frössén and was shown on national Swedish television. The DVD edition holds all Henric de la Cours music video-clips as bonus.
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