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Release: June 2020
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Herzegovina - Emergency CD

Emergency is the first album by the Brazilian trio Herzegovina.The band formed by Rafael Crespo - vocals and guitar, Mario Mamede - drums and percussion and Marcello Fernandes - bass and vocals, recorded the album last year.The title, which is also the name of the first song, was given, ironically, before the world was experiencing this very critical moment.The lyrics of the songs revealed a distressing panorama, described through metaphors and dystopias, which were seen as an imminent future or as an alarming present, sung in emergency verses. Musically, the album brings elements from the post-punk era, updated and revised, incorporating darker subgenres such as gothic to moments like the new wave, no wave and experimental grooves, always keeping a dense and tense atmosphere. The sound of the record has a raw and almost lo-fi aspect, with noise, static and interference, the digital trash that clogs our minds with information and manipulations. Emergency is the reflux of all that chaos.
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2.In Danger
3.Blue Eyes Dancer
4.Road Of Joys
5.Fellini´s Dream
6.Ego Arcade
7.Fleeting Celebration
8.Black Cat