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Release: 2016
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Hexadiode - Ibex CD

The Hexadiode's supremacy is perceptible from first listening. Anyone who comes into contact with their songs will find in them a strong differentiation from the usual electronic schemes. This duo from Ohio/USA is a great revelation, something concretely innovative and stylistically exciting in the worldwide technological music scene. The sounds created by Tim and Jonas are built through obscure harsh-aggressive vocals that destabilize your mind, combined with mechanized drumming and traditional oldschool EBM concepts, enriched by electro-industrial complements, destined for the harder dancefloors.

All these features are integrated in the 12 tracks of their debut, a true masterpiece of 'retro avant-gardism' and modern sonic experimentalism. This American project can be considered as the beginning of a new, advanced generation of electro explorers, who better than many others are able to imprint an indelible mark on their musics, generating tense atmospheres and distorted visions.
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2.Turn To Zero
3.Breaking It Whole
7.Hexon Shift
8.Delta Film
11.Synchrocidal (Protectorate Remix)
12.Breaking It Whole (Textbeak Remix)