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"Under Control"


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Release: 2010
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Hioctan - Under Control CD

Hioctan has always been a band far away from any conformity and social conventions. "Under Control" is their third longplayer and the typical Hioctan-sound still kicks ass. Classic DarkElectro combining harsh sounds, distorted vocals as well as choirs and kettledrums with melancholically arranged strings culminate in an album full of corroding interhuman feelings. Honest music for honest people!

"Under Control" does not even try to keep up with modern trends - especially the audio-engineering was put into special focus in order to create a sound more transparent than all the Hioctan releases ever had before. Hioctan's lyrics have always been very critical towards social issues. The track "Aim of Life" deals with all the people that try to live along social conventions - bound to rules they are forced to obey - waiting for the end to come in the neverending spiral of time. "Passion of Cruelty" denounces persecution of heathens - while "Sonderbehandlung 14f13" addresses genocide during WWII.
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Label's catalogue number:NTK 039
1.Pax Veritas
2.Damned Society
3.Passion Of Cruelty
4.Under Control
6.Sonderbehandlung 14f13
7.Pax Americana
9.The Great Deception
11.Sacred Attraction
12.Aim Of Life
13.Shine On Me (2010)
14.Sacrifice My Fear