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"Blood On The Red Square"


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Release: 2021
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Hocico - Blood On The Red Square CD + DVD

Mexican Hard Electro legend Hocico is injecting some heat into the cold season with a infernal live experience. Recorded on the group's recent Russian tour, 'Blood on the Red Square' is a feast of pure energy! 100% Hocico on a CD and DVD double package!

After 3 official and limited Live-albums ('Los Hijos del Infierno' - 1998, 'Blasphemies in the Holy Land' - 2005 and 'Tora! Tora! Tora!' - 2008) recording a live album in Russia has been a long heartfelt wish of Mexican Hard Electro legends Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, as the Russian audience has always been among the best on any tour.

On their recent 'Tiempos de Furia'-tour, they finally seized the opportunity to record both the Moscow show in thudding quality on CD and the show in Yekaterinburg with multiple cameras and dazzling light- and video show on DVD. The result is 100% pure Hocico, alive experience that perfectly captures the incomparable energy of the band in a massive audio and visual recording. DVD in PAL, all Regions!

'Blood on the Red Square' is released in a classy double Digipak in a Russian-style design.
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Label:Out Of Line
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1.Breathe Me Tonight
2.Flesh To Lacerate
3.A Fatal Desire
4.Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks
5.Dog Eat Dog
6.About A Dead
7.Bite Me!
8.Spirals Of Time
9.Altered States
10.Instincts Of Perversion
11.Twist The Thorn
12.Tiempos De Furia
13.Flesh To Lacerate [Video]
14.A Fatal Desire [Video]
15.Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks [Video]
16.Dog Eat Dog [Video]
17.About A Dead [Video]
18.Bite Me! [Video]
19.Altered States [Video]
20.Tiempos De Furia [Video]