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"Broken Empires / Lost World (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2021
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Hocico - Broken Empires / Lost World (Limited Edition) MCD

Limited Edition, comes in a cardboard slipcase!

Broken Empires / Lost World is a futuristic and modern vision. It's a mixture of dark electro with a new mid-tempo and dark synth tendencies." Hocico's distinctive talent creates catchy melodies and a highly creative sound design to a club-ready hell ride with an addictive character. With their new single "Broken Empires / Lost World", the Mexican industrial-electro legends Hocico once again present a contemporary testimony. In their usual aggressive and energetic way of expression Hocico present themselves on their newest release (Maxi-CD). Besides the radio edit there are three more remixes of the song "Broken Empires". Completing this endgame scenario from Hocico is the merciless and ever-present track "Lost World", which delivers punchy and pessimistic lyrically content to the max. Hocico’s music provides the listener energy. “This Energy is like yoga within the chaos”, says the band. Hocico are globally known as innovators in the dark and industrial scene.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Broken Empires (Radio Version)
2.Lost World
3.Broken Empires (Hell Club - Hocico Version)
4.Broken Empires (Extended Version)
5.Broken Empires (Remixed By Chaos Vector)