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"HyperViolent (Deluxe Edition)"


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Release: April 2022
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Hocico - HyperViolent (Deluxe Edition) 2CD

Less than two years after their last album, legendary Mexican Electro duo Hocico is once again filling the air with their unabashedly sound and strikes hard with their full range of aggression on the band's brand new album "Hyperviolent".

Latently menacing and rather insidiously ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.When The Trumpets Of Hate Blow
2.Broken Empires
3.Acts Of Aggression
4.Un Sepulcro Sin Cadaver
5.What Are Nightmares Made Of?
6.Hacked Society
7.El Jardin De Las Locuras
9.Lost World
10.Black Reflection
12.Crown Of Knives
13.Peccata Mundi
14.Weapons Of Resistance Feat. Aaron Matts
15.Odio Bajo El Alma (Version Mariachi)
16.Black Mirror
17.Dog Eat Dog (Desputes Remix)
18.The Fall