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"Los Dias Caminando En El Fuego (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021
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Hocico - Los Dias Caminando En El Fuego (Limited Edition) Box

Inhalt:-deluxe 2CD-version inkl. 29 new vintage tracks-CD “Dias de Perros” mit 10 unveröffentlichten demos-20 Jahre Hocico Medaille-Foto Buch,-Spider Anhänger
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Ancestros, Das Feuer And The Past (20 Years Ago)
2.Fade Into Oblivion
3.Thy Kingdome Come
4.Come And Eat It!
5.Song Of Hate
6.Open The Gates Of Hell
7.Army Of Puppets
9.El Renacer De Los Caídos
10.I'm Insane
11.Dissolve Me
12.Silencio En La Tierra De Los Suen?os
13.Trust (The Cure Cover)
14.The Dreamers
15.Go Fuck Yourself!
16.Follow Me Down
17.God Wrote Me A Letter
19.Wild Night Out
21.La Marcha De Los Enterrados
22.Age Of Perdition (Studio Raw Version)
23.House Of The Spirits
24.Dead Of Winter
25.La Danza De Mi Sombra
26.In A Few Hours You'll Be Dead
28.Not Like You (First Take)
29.En La Mirada Del Asesino
30.The Last Human On Earth
31.Discontent (1999)
32.Placer (1990)
33.Hate You (1998)
34.Enfermedad Siniestra (1989)
35.Illusion (1990)
36.Burning Eyes (1997)
37.Lluvia Podrida (1991)
38.Transtorno Psiquico (1989)
39.Convulsion (1995)
40.Mente Retorcida (1991)