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"Los Dias Caminando En El Fuego"


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Release: 2013
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Hocico - Los Dias Caminando En El Fuego CD

One of the most influential bands of the harder electronic music genre is turning 20! ?Los Días Caminando En El Fuego? celebrates Mexican pioneers Hocico with a selection of previously lost and unreleased tracks from the early days of the band plus one completely new song!

20 years of Hocico! 20 years of walking through fire! 20 years of raising voices to bark against all the shit in the world! 20 years of unique and fat Electro-sounds! ?Los Días Caminando En El Fuego? celebrates a band that has single-handedly set new benchmark superlatives when it comes to Hard-Electro-sounds and that is a massive influence on an entire genre! A band that has spawned dozens or maybe even hundreds of epigones and that has put Mexico on the map for innovative and harsh.
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Label:Out Of Line
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1.Ancestros, Das Feuer And The Past (20 Years Ago)
2.Fade Into Oblivion
3.Thy Kingdom Come
4.Come And Eat It!
5.Song Of Hate
6.Open The Gates Of Hell
7.Army Of Puppets
9.El Renacer De Los Caidos
10.I'm Insane
11.Dissolve Me
12.Silencio En La Tierra De Los Suenos
13.Trust (The Cure Cover)
14.The Dreamers
15.Go Fuck Yourself!
16.Follow Me Down