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"Sangre Hirviente"


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Release: October 2020
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Hocico - Sangre Hirviente 2LP

It is time to go back! To the old days! To the bloody days! To the cruel days! To the days when from the smoke and sulphur of mexican fire barrels an Agrrotech Legend arose to world power. „Odio Bajo El Alma“, „Sangre Hiviente“ and „Signos De Aberracion“ are inseparably linked to this epoch – and now released on vinyl for the very first time.

Oldschool Industrial Fans are feeling the chill on their spine for this three titles, for they stand for darkness, fanatism and an atmosphere of departure that can only be delivered by the early days of a revolutional kind of music. Those milestones have been completely sold out for a long time, now they will be rereleased: On Ink-Spot Double Vinyl in noble Gatefold Cover there has been created a version, that will do pure justice to the influence on Dark Electro of those three albums.
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT 994-995
1.A1 Musica Para Un Suicido (Primer Acto)
2.A2 Spit As An Offense
3.A3 Sucios Pensamientos
4.B1 Where Angels Don't Sing
5.B2 Ojos Sin Lágrimas
6.B3 Distorted Face ((Dulce Liquido Mix))
7.B4 Espinas De Mal
8.C1 Legión
9.C2 Boiling Blood
10.C3 Fragmentos En El Tiempo
11.D1 Musica Para Un Suicido (Acto Final)
12.D2 Final Resource (Therapy Version)
13.D3 Poltergeist (Slave Version)
14.D4 Instantes De Perfección