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"Modern Nightmares"


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Release: August 2020
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Hypnocrates - Modern Nightmares CD

“Modern Nightmares” is the first full length album by neo-darkwave/postpunk project Hypnocrates from Oslo, Norway! Following their emergence in 2013, the band led by singer/songwriter Vadym Markov, self-released four EPs, mixing cold electronic drums, dramatic synthesizers, layered guitars and low-key vocals - akin clearly to the style of Joy Division and The Sisters of Mercy. On the new material contained in this album, Hypnocrates is experimenting with their sound like never before, blending somber darkwave, monotone post-punk and airy dream pop of their pre- vious works with elements of modern electronic music, which would seem to be incompatible until you hear it for yourself! With vocal samples and drums ranging from trap to techno, this is not classic, but still gloomy and moody darkwave, with its own nightmarish and haunting atmosphere you cannot resist plunging into. Lyrically, the albums dives into the deepest corners of human nature, exploring our eternal fears and hidden desires. It revolves around imaginary and living nightmares of our modern society, built on lies and egocentrism. The video for the lead single “Crows” was released in December 2019 and is based on a short film "Color Me - Rabbit!" by Andrii Trashkalov
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3.Dark Creatures
5.Seven Doors
8.Secret Society
10.It Follows
12.Planet Earth