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"Create Christ,Sailor Boy"


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Release: 2016
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Hypnopazuzu - Create Christ,Sailor Boy CD

HYPNOPAZUZU is Youth (Killing Joke and 1008 other worlds) and David Tibet (Current 93 and 93 other worlds). They both first skipped together on Current 93's debut album "Nature Unveiled" in 1983. "CREATE CHRIST, SAILOR BOY" is their new album, and their first as HYPNOPAZUZU. 93 years in the making, this elaborately-packaged 3-sided LP (with a laser etching of a Youth/David Tibet Hallucinatory Cartoon on the 4th side) contains ten songs and brings together Spheres and Planets for the Ultimate Hallucinatory PickNick, and is unlike any other Face or Trace that has vanished before.
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Label:House Of Mythology
1.Your Eyes In The Skittle Hills
2.Incidentally, Shaitan
3.Christmas With The Channellers
4.The Crow At Play
5.The Sex Of Stars
6.Magog At The Maypole
7.Sweet Sodom Singsongs
8.Pinocchio's Handjob
9.The Auras Are Escaping Into The Forest
10.Night Shout, Bird Tongue