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"Hegemonia Cultural"


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Release: 2016
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Hysteresis - Hegemonia Cultural CD

Back with their third album for HANDS and fifth total, Hysteresis have gathered all their eclectic endeavors of the past, whooped it up to the max and produced their most upfront – some may say outrageous – album yet. Encounter pumping techno tracks, braindance and breakbeats, ethnic samples and subversively misleading melodies. Political and critical, extreme and entertaining, accessible on the surface and yet demanding, “Hegemonia Cultural” is a perfect mirror of this capricious age. Hysteresis kick off their new album kind of where their last one, “Manifest” ended, with bass music and ethnic samples on “Coercion and Consent”, but the harsh guitar riffs are a new flavor, set nicely into contrast with the alluring melody line. “Gramsci in the Caribbean” not only reveals a knack for intellectual wit, but also pushes into crossbreed hardcore territory. From there all hell breaks loose with the industrial beats of “L'ouvrier méprisé et suspecté”, followed by a rush of diversity: Squarewave techno tracks like “A Slut Utopia”, “Ordine Nuovo”, “The Theory” or “Operation Northwoods” are interspersed with excursions into drumstep (“Der Fabrikrat”), sheer hard IDM weirdness (“Raven”, “Disparse”), Laibachian pompousness (“Dies Irae”) and the atheist advertising anthem “La Impiedad”. The icing is put on the cake with the percussive Ah Cama-Sotz remix of the album opener. Time to catch your breath now… Listening to “Hegemonia Cultural” surely demands an inclination to the extremes, but we promise it will pay!
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1.Coercion & Consent
2.Gramsci In The Caribbean
3.L'ouvrier Méprisé Et Suspecté
4.Ordine Nuovo
5.A Slut Utopia
6.Der Fabrikrat
8.La Impiedad
9.Dies Irae
10.The Theory
11.Operation Northwoods
13.Coercion & Consent (Remix By Ah Cama-Sotz)