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"Disobbedisco! (third edition)"


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Release: March 2017
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Ianva - Disobbedisco! (third edition) CD

File under: Folk Noir/Dark Cabaret

Re-release of the long deleted IANVA debut-album, originally released in January 2006 (and sold out since 2008), in slightly different Cover artwork and including a thick, 20 pages booklet with lyrics, notes and historical photos on the conquest of Fiume (today’s Croatian City Rijeka) just after World War I and before Mussolini’s raise to dictatorship in Italy. This re-release comes identic to the FIRST edition of 2006 (without the bonus-track, later included) and comes in time for IANVA’s appearance at WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN Leipzig 2017, where they will present their all new opus, to be released this spring!

IANVA was born as the ...
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Label:Alpha South
1.Intro: Colpo Di Maglio
2.La Ballata Dell’Ardito
3.Vittoria Mutilata
4.(Xii – Ix – Mcmxix) Di Nuovo In Armi!
5.Tango Della Menade
6.Sangue Morlacco
7.Per Non Dormire
9.Fuoco A Fiume
10.Muri D’Assenzio
11.Outro: Amor Sola Lex