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"La Mano Di Gloria"


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Release: 2012
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Ianva - La Mano Di Gloria CD

The term 'anticipated' usually appears in every worthy presentation. But in Ianva's case, this is not just a fixed expression. Currently at its third 'date' with the full-length, this genovese band has progressively reached a wider audience, mainly because of a very unique style which drastically departs from the standard range of indie/underground musical scene, particularly for its significant articulation and use of creativity and its power of imagination. If Ianva's last 'Italia: Ultimo Atto' was a literal Descent into Hell, now it's time to stand up and rise again.

'La Mano di Gloria' is ...
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InfraRot item number:2011.297
Label:Alpha South
1.Tempus Destruendi
2.Il Bello Della Sfida
4.Alta Via
5.Sul Mio Sangue
7.Portatori Del Fuoco
8.Le Stelle E I Falò
9.La Mano Di Gloria
10.Canzone Dell'eterna Aurora
11.Della Morte Me Ne Rido
12.Ultima Stazione
13.Nell'Ora Dell'Addio