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"Flowers For The Gathering (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2011
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Ikon - Flowers For The Gathering (Limited Edition) 3CD + DVD

The follow up album to 'In the Shadow of the Angel' is the 1996 album 'Flowers for the Gathering'. This newly remastered edition includes a CD containing all the extra tracks from the sessions, a CD with demos and a live DVD with a concert from 1996 as well as a rehearsal. This set is limited to 500 copies.
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Label's catalogue number:EZ11CE1112
2.Somewhere Else
3.Life Without End
4.Stranger I've Become
5.Into Your Madness
6.Camouflage Heart
7.In Trust I Return
8.Beyond Grey Skies
9.Call Of Despair
10.On The Trail Of Tears
11.For Eternity
12.Sleepless Pt 1
13.The Empty World
14.Answers To Nothing
15.The Gathering (Previously Unreleased)
16.Touch The Eyes Of Blindness
17.Decline Of The Anti-Christ
20.Still Remains II
21.Somewhere Else (In Passing)
22.Sleepless (The Grey Mix)
23.Life Without End (Remix)
24.Betrayal (Rehearsal 1994)
25.Your Obsession (Rehearsal 1994)
26.On A Mission (Rehearsal 1994)
27.Turn To You (Rehearsal 1994)
28.Eternal Sadness (Instrumental Demo 1995)
29.In Search Of (Demo 1995)
30.From A Distance (Demo 1995)
31.Inbetween (Early Demo 1995)
32.Christmas On Easter Island (Demo 1995)
33.No Heaven Or Hell (Demo 1995)
34.Sea Of Tranquility (Demo 1995)
35.Call Of Despair (Demo 1995)
36.Stranger I've Become (Demo 1995)
37.For Eternity (Demo 1995)
38.Condemnation [Video]
39.Towards Tomorrow [Video]
40.Black Roses [Video]
41.Into Your Madness [Video]
42.Reality Is Lost [Video]
43.Somewhere Else [Video]
44.Love Is Colder Than Death [Video]
45.Life Without End [Video]
46.Echoes Of Silence [Video]
47.For Eternity [Video]