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"In The Shadow Of the Angel (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2011
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Ikon - In The Shadow Of the Angel (Limited Edition) 3CD + DVD

Finally, the debut album of Ikon has been remastered and put together containing all studio material recorded during 1994 and 1995 over 2CD's. The third disc contains demos recorded between early 1994 and mid 1994, with quite a number of unreleased songs. Disc 4 is a DVD containing the first ever released footage from the Michael Carrodus era of the abnd. This is limited to 500 copies only.
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Label's catalogue number:EZ11CE1111
2.Lord Of Darkness
3.Secrets Within
4.Fall Apart
5.Hallowed Ground
6.Black Roses
7.I've Been
8.Distant Memory
11.Love Is Colder Than Death
12.In The Shadow Of The Angel
13.So Evil
14.Under The Watchful Eye (Previously Unreleased)
16.The Unmarked Grave(Previously Unreleased)
19.Never Ending (Previously Unreleased)
20.Alive (Previously Unreleased)
21.Towards Tomorrow
22.Never Too Much
23.As Time Goes By
24.A Moment In Time
25.So Far Away
26.The Final Experience
27.A Moment In Time (Reprise)
28.Black Roses (Demo)
29.Out Of Time (Instrumental Demo)
30.Waking Hour (Demo)
31.Distant Memory (Instrumental Demo)
32.Condemnation (Demo)
33.When The Wind Blows (Demo)
34.Truth (Demo)
35.Love Is Colder Than Death (Instrumental Sketch)
36.Trials Of Remembrance (Demo)
37.Exit (Instrumental Demo)
38.Lord Of Darkness (Demo)
39.Hallowed Ground (Demo)
40.From The Other Side (Demo)
41.Fall Apart (Demo)
42.Lyric (Demo)
43.Echoes Of Silence [Video]
44.I've Been [Video]
45.So Far Away [Video]
46.Distant Memory [Video]
47.Is This My Destiny? [Video]
48.Exit [Video]
49.Black Roses [Video]
50.Reality Is Lost [Video]
51.Love Is Colder Than Death [Video]
52.Towards Tomorrow [Video]
53.Lord Of Darkness [Video]
54.Dreaming [Video]
55.Condemnation [Video]