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"Sketches & Blurred Visions"


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Release: February 2019
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Ikon - Sketches & Blurred Visions CD + DVD

For fans of Joy Division / New Order / Death In June.

IKON are one of the earliest members of the Gothic / New Wave scene that are stilla live! Inspired by bands like Joy Division and New Order they released their debut album "AS TIME GOES BY" in 1993. Their own mixture of Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave, Neo Folk and Electro is as versatile as it is consistent and band head Chris McCarter has always remained true to himself and his fans.

This new release "Sketches & Blurred Visions" contains demos and videos covering the period from 1991-1993. All audio and visual material is previously unreleased. Band members that time were: Chris McCarter, Dino Molinaro, Michael Aliani and Maurice Molella

DVD:(*) Live at the ARTHOUSE Melbourne 11.12.1991(**) Live at the COUNCIL HALL Coburg 13.12.1991(***) Various Home Movies 1991-1993(****) Home Video 1992
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Label:Dark Vinyl
1.As Time Goes By (Home Demo 1991)
2.The Dream (Home Demo 1991)
3.Mortal Soul (Home Demo 1991)
4.Never Ending (Home Demo 1991)
5.So Far Away (Home Demo 1991)
6.She Smiles (Home Demo 1991)
7.Belief (Rehearsal 1991)
8.Headspin (Rehearsal 1992)
9.Remember Me (Demo 1992)
10.For Eternity (Rough Demo 1992)
11.Burning Desire (Rehearsal 1992)
12.Never Too Much (Rough Demo 1992)
13.Under The Watchful Eye (Rough Demo 1992)
14.Come With Me (Rehearsal 1992)
15.Echoes Of Silence (Demo 1993)
16.Persuasion (Demo 1993)
17.Reality Is Lost (*)
18.The Lost (*)
19.Solitude (*)
20.The Awakening (*)
21.Sister Ray (*)
22.Never Ending (**)
23.As Time Goes By (**)
24.Why (**)
25.Fear (**)
26.Reality Is Lost (**)
27.The Lost (**)
28.The Awakening (**)
29.Sister Ray (**)
30.Home Movies (***)
31.Never Too Much (****)