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"The Echoes Of Silence"


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Release: 2013
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Ikon - The Echoes Of Silence 2CD

Limited to 450 copies! The first IKON CD 'Echoes of Silence' from 1994 , remixed, expanded with three unreleased songs, and a bonus CD of 10 demos.
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Label's catalogue number:NR1303
1.Echoes Of Silence
3.Reality Is Lost
4.So Far Away
6.Is This My Destiny
7.Dreaming ·
8.Ask The Question (Unreleased)
9.Changing (Unreleased)
10.Everything I Want (Unreleased)
11.Echoes Of Silence (Original Rough Sketch)
12.Coldness Within (Instrumental Demo)
13.Eleanor Rigby (Demo)
14.Which Way To Go (Instrumental Demo)
15.So Far Away (Instrumental Dub)
16.Is This My Destiny? (Demo)
17.The Unseen (Instrumental Demo)
18.Suicide (Electronic Demo)
19.So Far Away (Electronic Demo)
20.Truth (Original Rough Sketch)