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"The Thirteenth Hour"


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Release: October 2020
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Ikon - The Thirteenth Hour 3CD

For fans of: Joy Division, New Order, Death In June… 3CD in 6-panel eco-digifile, limited to 500 copies! IKON are one of the oldest members of the Gothic / New Wave scene. Inspired by bands like Joy Division and New Order, they started in 1993 and are still active and successful today. Their own mixture of Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave, Neo Folk and Electro is as versatile as it is consistent and band head Chris McCarter has always remained true to himself and his fans. This singles compilation 'The Thirteenth Hour 2007-2020', takes off where 'The Burden of History' [now deleted] left off: rare tracks, remixes, b-sides and previously unreleased mixes from the period 2007 – 2020.
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Label:Dark Vinyl
1.A Line On A Dark Day (Cd Single Version)
2.Amongst The Runes (Version)
3.Torn Apart (Cd Single Version)
4.Driftwood (Cd Single Version)
5.Broken Windows To The Soul (Version)
6.Where Do I Go From Here (New Version)
7.Azkadelia (7" Version)
8.I Burn For You (7" Version)
9.Stolen (7" Single Version)
10.Blood Of Love (7"version)
11.Black Noise (Remix)
12.Gruss Vom Krampus (7"version)
13.Silence Is Calling ( New Version)
14.Calm Before The Storm
15.Nowhere To Turn
16.Silent Knight
17.Under My Skin
18.Disenchanted Lullaby
19.City Of Night
20.My Dreams They Remind Me Of You (7" Version)
21.Predator (Mk Ll)
22.Drowning In This River (Demo)
23.The Hunter (7" Version)
25.Krampus Is Coming To Town
26.The Rose And The Thorn
27.A Line On A Dark Day (Extended Version)
28.Amongst The Runes (Extended Version)
29.Torn Apart (Extended Version)
30.Driftwood (Extended Version)
31.Broken Windows To The Soul (Extended Version)
32.Where Do I Go From Here (Extended Version)
33.Azkadelia (Extended Version)
34.I Burn For You (Club Mix)
35.Stolen (Extended Version)
36.Blood Of Love (Extended Version)
37.Black Noise (Club Mix)
38.Gruss Vom Krampus (Full Version)
39.Silence Is Calling (Extended Version)