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"Incipience 3: Extended Play / Redux - black vinyl"


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Release: 2018
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Images In Vogue - Incipience 3: Extended Play / Redux - black vinyl LP

Images in Vogue’s first major label (WEA) release, originally available in October, 1983. The self-titled record features top 30 single “Lust for Love”, and this Artoffact Records re-release includesremixes and b-sides from the “Lust for Love” and “Just like You” (both WEA, 1983+1984) 7” singles!The recordings were produced by Joe Vizvary and Lindsay Kidd, with assistance by Dave Ogilvieat the famous Mushroom and Little Mountain Studios. Brilliant remastering and gorgeous re-workof the sleeve, including a bonus insert.
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1.A1 Lust For Love
2.A2 Masks
3.A3 Just Like You
4.A4 Breaking Up (14 Track Version)
5.A5 For Germans (24 Track Remix)
6.B1 Lust For Love (Orchestral Version)
7.B2 Masks (Pne Version)
8.B3 Just Like You (Single Version)
9.B4 For Germans (Who Dance)
10.B5 Tear It Down