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"The Humanoid Problem"


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Release: 2017
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Imminent/Synapscape - The Humanoid Problem CD

the humanoid problem' is the next evolutional level of longtime collaborators imminent and synapscape wherein three becomes one. a perfect fusion that catalyzes the intelligence and genius of all three sound technicians into one thinking self-dependent machine - with a humanoid problem. the album is designed to perform a continuously dense & reckless heavy onslaught branching out from technoid idm to industrial noise. the information process & sensory feedback is kept under control by a complex series of solid rhythm-based actions operated with subtle experimental accumulations. multiple layers of diverse powerful beats are the foundations for minimalistic soundscapes applied with all powerful bass pulses creating a catchy, forceful vibe which instantly forces you to move despite it’s innate complexity. both insistent and unrelenting the resurrection of this exceptional alliance is a stand out piece beyond any expectations - sturdy and dynamic from start to finish.
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1.Continental Time Lapse
2.Xylo Renewal
3.Short Circuit In Dystopia
4.Neo Dream
5.The Londonum Chase
6.Transforming System
7.Valley Of The Bots
8.The Society Of Lost Androids
9.Virtual Retaliation
10.L'uomo Meccanico Rises Again