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"Cognitive Dissonance (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021-03-26
Status: New release in 23 days
Implant - Cognitive Dissonance (Limited Edition) 2CD

Album 11 is a fact! Announced by the surprising “Phantom Pain” EP and video clip, cult Belgian electro act IMPLANT is back in full force and signs with “Cognitive Dissonance” not only their most personal album to date but also the most diverse in sound and the most electro pop oriented to date. Next to an obvious strong focus on song production where every tiny detail makes the difference, the overall catchiness of this album embodies its essence and operates as a red light from start to finish, plunging us into a melodic bath of catchy synth lines, poignant sing-along choruses, carrying pulsing sequences and other vicious noise loops. From the frontal industrial dance of “The Devil Made Me Do It” and the dark elektro hit “Censorship Through Noise” to the lush and sublime melancholic chanson “The Last Record” through more upbeat future pop songs like “Phantom Pain”, “Run To The Light” or the techno pop “The King And The Rebel”, this new album has a high addictive potential for all electro industrial freaks open to synth pop music with an edge. And this also gets reinforced by the sensual vocal contribution of HELALYN FLOWERS’ frontgirl Noemi Aurora on several songs. And as always with IMPLANT, the album of course holds some sonic surprises and more experimental moments evoking techno, trance and other allusions to the very characteristic sound of Belgium (eg. “The Room”, “Nutshell”). Besides its quite intimate lyrics, “Cognitive Dissonance” also triggers questioning on choices we blindly make by joining, intentionally or not, social, artistic or other political bubbles in which we get cocooned and fed to enjoy our artificially created comfort to the max, giving everyone a feeling of being a special snowflake in the universe… Any form of dissonance within such bubble being perceived as offensive and getting censored through noise. “As an artist, one must strive to trigger all sort of discomforts. It’s the essence of creativity!”, says Len Lemeire. “It’s a form of cognitive dissonance for IMPLANT to release such a melodic electro pop album with balls! It’s a form of cognitive dissonance to gather such different remixers on one same disc. It’s a form of cognitive dissonance for us to hope and make the difference with an album”, he adds, tongue in cheek. The limited deluxe double-CD digipak edition of the album holds the “When Prophecy Fails” bonus disc featuring 2 exclusive tracks and an impressive eclectic selection of remix collaborations whose list speaks for itself and reveals “Cognitive Dissonance” in a totally different perspective and making it a must-have item in your music collection, with a very very very special mention for BREATH OF LIFE’s beautiful take on the bound to become a classic song “The Last Record”: SUICIDE COMMANDO, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, THE BREATH OF LIFE, 808 DOT POP, SIGNAL AOUT 42, AIBOFORCEN, HELALYN FLOWERS, NEUROACTIVE, AD:KEY, Q’PNZ and NÖVÖ. Did you have your Implant today?
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.I Don’T Trust The Machine
2.Phantom Pain (Feat. Noemi Aurora)
3.The Shipwreck (Feat. Noemi Aurora)
5.Hell Hole
6.The Devil Made Me Do It
7.The Drums Have Been Talking
8.The King And The Rebel
9.The Room
10.Run To The Lights
11.Censorship Through Noise (Part I)
12.Censorship Through Noise (Part Ii)
13.The Last Record (Feat. Noemi Aurora)
14.Run To The Lights (One Messed Up Mix By Suicide Commando)
15.I Don’T Trust The Machines (Signal Aout 42 Rmx)
16.Phantom Pain - Feat. Noemi Aurora (Aiboforcen Rmx)
17.The Room (Tsob Mix By Q’Pnz)
18.Censorship Through Noise (Part Iii)
19.Lied 13
20.The Last Record - Feat. Noemi Aurora (808 Dot Mix)
21.The Last Record - Feat. Noemi Aurora (The Breath Of Life Rmx)
22.The Drums Have Been Talking (Növö Rmx)
23.Run To The Lights (Armageddon Dildos Rmx)
24.The King And The Rebel (Ad:key Rmx)
25.Phantom Pain - Feat. Noemi Aurora (Neuroactive Rmx)
26.The Shipwreck - Feat. Noemi Aurora (Helalyn Flowers Rmx)