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In Aeternam Vale + Anneq

"Je Ai Dissous EP"


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Release: 2016
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In Aeternam Vale + Anneq - Je Ai Dissous EP LP

Minimal Wave present a unique collaboration between one of their long time favorite artists, In Aeternam Vale and Anneq, a stunning young Madrid-based vocalist originally from Minsk, Belarus. In Aeternam Vale and Anneq met in 2011 and began to collaborate in 2015. In Aeternam Vale, originally from Lyon, has been making synthesizer based electronic music since the early 80s, when he began to self-release many of his recordings on cassette. As the years went on his cold and caustic synthpunk sound, often primitive and hypnotic evolved into rhythmic, throbbing music for the dance floor, his own unique style of techno.

On this record, In Aeternam ...
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Label:Minimal Wave
1.Je Ai Dissous
2.Je Ai Dissous
4.Tendencia V6