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In Strict Confidence

"Herz & Frozen Kisses"


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Release: November 2017
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In Strict Confidence - Herz & Frozen Kisses CD

‘Double-EP’ in Digipak! 'Frozen Kisses', opening track of In Strict Confidence's so far latest Album, 'The Hardest Heart', and the Song 'Herz', from the same album, are the two tracks, around which this full-lenght Remix-Album is centered. The two fan favourites have been included in all new EXTENDED versions and have also been remixed by Lights of Euphoria, Binary Park and others. The 12-tracks release also includes some exclusive tracks, incl. a cover-version of Dead or Alive’s ‘You spin me round’, featuring one of the biggest superstars of German Punk: Bela B. of DIE ÄRZTE!
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1.Herz (Extended Version)
2.Herz (Binary Park Remix)
3.You Spin Me Round (Feat. Thee Flanders & Bela B.)
4.Herz (Cardiogenic Shock Mix)
5.The Darkside (Isc Version)
7.Frozen Kisses (Extended Version)
8.Frozen Kisses (Recfrag Remix)
9.Frozen Kisses (Lights Of Euphoria Remix)
10.Frozen Kisses (In Black Lights Remix)
12.Frozen Kisses (Album Version)