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In The Nursery

"Blind Sound"


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Release: 2011
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In The Nursery - Blind Sound CD

For In The Nursery 2011 is a year of celebration - the 30th anniversary (!) of the bands live debut at Sheffield Art College (June 1981) and twin brothers Klive & Nigel Humberstone turn 50.

Still they continue writing epic music that transcends time and genre. After a number of soundtrack-albums, here now finally a real studio-album! 'In many ways, 'Blind Sound' reflects both our relationship with music and ourselves' says Nigel Humberstone,'for us, sound has no boundaries!'

Ever since adopting the marching snare drum as part of their arsenal of orchestral instrumentation, In The Nursery have carved their own pathway in neo-classical and cinematic sounds. 'Blind Sound' is no exception, a collection of new tracks that infiltrate, uplift and invade the senses.
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1.Artisans Of Civilisation
2.Past Glory
3.Blind Sound
5.Trial By Error
6.Coloured Silence