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"The Nine Colours Of The Threshold (Limted Edition Red Vinyl)"


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Release: August 2019
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Inade - The Nine Colours Of The Threshold (Limted Edition Red Vinyl) LP

With the all new album after 9 years, Inade return with another work that indicates a codifying of their sound world full of mysterious design, unspoken secrets and dreams of ancient origin.

The immersive arrangements and haunting voices supported by crackling electronics painting a dark and earthly picture. Infinite eons have passed through the labyrinthine hierarchy of deep fusing drones, tectonic soundscapes, percussions and ritual instruments – sonically sculpturing of that which lies deeper than matter, time and space.

The intriguing tone colour on ‘The Nine Colours Of The Threshold‘ is generally one of heroic majesty, a kind of epic intimacy, with light and sparkling fragments. It is the narrow, hidden tracks that lead back to our lost homeland, what contains the solution to the last mysteries is not the ugly scar that life´s rasp leaves on us, but the fine, almost invisible writing that is engraved on our body.
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