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Perfidious Words

"Feel Like Me"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Perfidious Words - Feel Like Me CD + DVD

"Feel Like Me" is not only fully realised: it's perfect! An accomplished electro pop album which will satisfy the longing of many fans. Whereas some bands have spent years indulging in wild experiments or creating generic chart-friendly mush, Perfidious Words create music which is a perfect mixture of the danceable, sensitive and catchy, without spilling over into the realms of triviality. Warm, dark vocals combine with insanely catchy synth sounds to form a fervent album of electronic music. Full of spirit, full of sounds; exactly that which every electro pop fan has waited in vain for years for. Here it is! The ultimate work, which shows that after over 20 years, this genre is a long way from coming to an end. Those who liked the early works of Yazoo or Erasure shouldn't pass this electro pop-pearl by. In addition to the CD, the album comes with an 80-minute DVD, which proves beyond doubt that Perfidious Words are exceptional musicians who understand their craft. With this concert recording, some studio sessions and a video clip, people will be asking themselves in astonishment where this band was during those last few years in which we mourned the old gods, who with their most recent releases only disappointed.
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InfraRot item number:2004.349
Label's catalogue number:TRI 344
1.My Body's Needs
2.Nother Day
3.Hear Me Calling
6.Halt Mich Fest
7.Feel Like Me
10.Take Me Back
12.Intro [Live/Video]
13.Veil Of Secrecy [Live/Video]
14.Somewhere Must Be Heaven [Live/Video]
15.Mystify Me [Live/Video]
16.Sickliest Creep [Live/Video]
17.Halt Mich Fest [Live/Video]
18.Spreading Silence [Live/Video]
19.Take Me Back [Live/Video]
20.Into My Arms [Live/Video]
21.Another Day [Live/Video]
22.Without Pride [Live/Video]
23.Ruined [Live/Video]
24.Sickliest Creep (In Italy) [Live/Video]
25.Without Pride (In Italy) [Live/Video]
26.Another Day (Studio Session) [Live/Video]
27.Swallowing My Body (Studio Session) [Live/Video]
28.Halt Mich Fest (Studio Session) [Live/Video]
29.Another Day (Unplugged Studio Session) [Live/Video]
30.Spreading Silence [Live/Video]