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"Not A Nice Party. A Collection."



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Syria - Not A Nice Party. A Collection. 4CD

Mit bis dato unveröffentlichten Songs sammelt Syria auf vier CDs die eigenen Drum'n'Bass-Splitterströmungen, Ambient-Momente und zeitversetzte Rave-Romantik. Die Aufnahmen stammen aus den Jahren 1993 bis 2003 und enthält natürlich Demos und Outtakes aus den Archiven des Künstlers. Diese CD darf man aber nicht mit einer Best Of verwechseln, denn das ist dieses Set ganz sicher nicht.
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Label:Black October Rec.
1.The Grotesque (Theatre Communication)
2.Not A Nice Party
3.Gretchen Slaughter
4.Lunching With The Catgirl Ghost
5.Bei Mir Ist Alles Natur
6.Your Ghost (2nd Ether)
7.Serafina And Her Death
9.A. Lincoln, Simulacrum
10.Lunching With The Idoru
11.English Summer
12.Lunching With Lady Snowblood
13.Black October (Medicine 8)
14.Voodoo Highway (Psychosonic-Mix)
16.Das Glaeserne Wort
19.Near You
20.Velvet Days
21.Fruit Of The Desert (Interesting Drug-Mix)
22.Zoom In!
23.The Delirium
24.A Movie Script Ending
25.Unsichtbare Grenzen (Instrumental)
26.Neverland Things 2.0
27.Egypt (Instrumental)
28.Structure (Album-Version)
29.Your Waterland I (The Very First SYRIA Instrumental-demo, Re
30.Your Waterland II (Instrumental-Demo)
31.Visions Of The Sea (Golden State-Mix)
32.Saxophone, Telescope And The Pilot's Death (Album-Version)
33.Marrakesh Night Market, Part 1
34.Mother Speaks (Instrumental)
35.Venus Von Prag
36.Untitled 1964
37.Back From Diaspora (Acoustic)
38.Icon Of Sin (Black Cocktail 1964)
39.The Metro
40.Angels And Insects
41.With Delicate Mad Hands
42.A Gift From Culture
43.Sculptures, Fruits And Tea-Partys, Part 1 (2007 Remix)
44.Enemy Land
45.Sculptures, Fruits And Tea-Partys, Part 2 (2003 Remix)
46.Voodoo Highway
47.Love Is A Gun
48.Amsterdam I (45 Degrees-Version)
49.My Vanity
50.Amsterdam II (The Bad Mix)
51.Passage To Marseille
52.The Addiction (As I Went Out One Morning)
54.She Moves Through The Fair (Demo)
55.Taxi Dancing
56.Pink And Velvet (Remix)
57.The Visitors
58.Meanwhile (Shooting Star-Treatment)
59.When Night Is Falling
61.You Don't Know
62.Cigarettes And Chocolate
63.Ten Cents, A Dance
64.Jazz And Kafka (Transistor Edit No. 1)
65.Anymore (Album-Version)
66.Embrace The Darkness (Demo)
67.Strange Days
68.Queen City Jazz
69.Das Blut Von Wien
70.Death Ride Of 69
72.For All Tomorrow's Lies
73.Ordinary World
74.Sometimes In Winter
75.Before Sunrise
76.What You Leave Behind