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Individual Industry

"Twenty Years In One Hour"


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Release: 2010
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Individual Industry - Twenty Years In One Hour CD

Individual Industry has started it's musical activities in 1987 as solo project of Alex Twin. In 1990 Maurizio Bonito and Lilian Vaz joined the band and six months later they released their first official demo tape called 'Apology'. They did more than 30 concerts between 1991-1997 and got lots of European radio plays. Band's music ranges from melancholic ethereal wave pop in best 4.A.D. traditions to trip-hop and synth-pop tunes mixed up with elements of Brazilian traditional music, making Individual Industry's sound something special.

Catching melodies, lush arrangements, sensual ...
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InfraRot item number:2007.498
Label:Other Voices Records
Label's catalogue number:Vox4CD
2.Dreams Never End
3.Key Of Dreams
4.Primer (Tripping Mix 97)
5.Places (Frozen World Mix 97)
9.Tina Town
10.Eyes (Cornea Mix 93)
12.Viginti Millia
13.Lupus Et Agnus
14.What I Wouldn't Give
15.Paradise (Cello RMX 92)