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"Playing With Fire"


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Release: 2013
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Informatik - Playing With Fire CD

Never content to follow trends or formulas, Informatik continues to refine their unique sonic vision on their seventh full length album: Playing With Fire. The album’s opener, No Sympathy, offers a rich showcase of their musical talents with its scathing lyrics, densely layered guitars, and intricate vocal arrangements. The irresistible groove of How Long is destined for the club floor with its invenive programming and spectacular sound design.

The albums centerpiece, No One, with its vast pastoral soundscapes and cinematic orchestration, is bound to be the crowning achievement of their career. The listener is constantly challenged to keep up with the album’s frenetic pace while trying to grasp its constantly shifting idiosyncratic neo-retro aesthetic.

Truly, Informatik is Playing with Fire…can you take the heat?
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1.No Sympathy
2.Something To Believe In
3.How Long
4.Brave New World
6.No One
8.Miles Away
9.Just For Nothing
10.World Of Wonder